Thursday, February 22, 2007

Roaches and More...

I have received 24-7 harassment for 5-6 MONTHS now for complaints about the ROACH infestion problem here to the Govenor and others - they come "CLEAN" my cell with FILTHY mop water about 3 times a week now - they wake me up 1-2-3-4 AM almost everday to give me my mail. My cell has been searched 6 or 7 times in 14 days. It is ABSURD the harassment i am receiving for complaining about the ROACHES and the torn up-worn out ROACH INFESTED trashed bed mats inmates are forced to accept...I have been told it is ADC standard policy to harass inmates that complain about conditions and such - I have been sleep deprived for 5-6-7- months now since I started complaining about ROACHES and such.

-Prionser in Arizon, Eyman (I)


Blogger patrick said...

i was in solitary for six months..i paced, i wrote letters, i cried..i screamed and sang at the top of my lungs...i didn't always want to this...but i have an okay voice and i thought that just maybe one of my songs might touch someone...but i remember what it was like when someone sang...anyone... i would get enraged...

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