Monday, March 19, 2007

An American Jail

I could tell you about the WORST horror stories at the Maricopa County Jail system. They're chaining inmates to bare cement slabs, strapping them into chairs, withholding food and water and the use of the bathroom so they are forced to go in their pants, throwing inmates' unwrapped, uncovered food down on to the concrete floor and leaving inmates in cells with no toilets so they must deficate on the floor with no toilet paper and then leaving the inmates in the cell without removing the human waste. The abuse at the 4th Ave Jail is so incredible you would not even believe you were in an American jail. There are so many roaches falling from the ceiling at night that when they hit your sheet it sounds like rain coming down...The COs had beaten me black and blue from head to toe while I was passed out dead. I requested pictures of my body to show the black and blue and yellow and green marks all over my body from the severe beating I received, but MCSO refused to document my injuries.

-Prisoner at Maricopa County 4th Ave Jail


Blogger c2zgirl72 said...

after so many complaints, why are mcso still getting away with murder or attempted murder ? i feel for this inmate and many more just like him, because i know this kind of treatment really exists and if mcso refuses to do paperwork, then its your word against an " officers word"

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