Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Bad Dream

The reason that they put me in SMU I on suicide watch was because I had had a nightmare the night before. And that's all it was- a bad dream. I had woken up kicking my locker. They stripped me naked (and remained that way until I left) and placed me into a filthy cell at SMU I that had cold air constantly blowing through it. I had an open wound on my foot that received no medical care. I was teased and taunted and my meals were being withheld from me to the point to where upon returning to my unit I was placed on a special diet. I also was not given a shower during my seven day stay.- A Prisoner in Arizona, Eyman

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Closing Off

Lately I’ve been finding myself with very little motivation and entrapment in laziness, flat-out. I help a lot of prisoners with their own problems, when really I cannot solve my own problems. A lot of times mentally I close off this administrative segregation world around me.- 20 years in solitary at Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility in Michigan

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Mentally Unhealthy Environment

Living conditions are unsanitary. Like I said, I’ve caught MRSA staph infection six different times in two and a half years. They are painful boils and are caused by a germ/bacteria on the skin. I don’t get any sun and I’m in my cell 24/7…There’s no windows in my cell. I don’t see the outside whatsoever. It’s a mentally unhealthy environment…This place can mentally break [you] and cause paranoia.- A prisoner at Arizona, Eyman